John the Theologian in silence. Palekh, beginning of XX century.

Worship takes place weekly. On Saturdays the All-Vigil begins at 16:00. The Divine Liturgy is celebrated every Sunday (and occaionally also on Saturdays or working days) and starts at 09:00.

You may consult the calender or get into contact with the priest or a member of our community for more information.

Pay attention : there may be exceptional circumstances.

Please consult the Church calendar (pdf-file).

The liturgical language is Church-Slavonic.

If you attend these services regurlarly, you will easily appreciate these rich and solemn rites.

We use the old, i.e. the Julian calendar.

Confessions may be heard before the Liturgy, or before Communion, or by appointment. You can confess in your mother tongue.